The self-motivated CEO was inspired by the sensation of her unique and huge birthmark on her body which gave her confidence to believe in herself and feel comfortable in her own skin.
With her ability to discover a missing part of women’s confidentiality towards their body image and body figure, Tennille conveyed the idea of bringing affordable swimwear, accessories, and beauty merchandise on the market not only in Grenada but world wide as she believes that she will be able to motivate other women to adapt to some level of confidence in their body image and whenever they are looking for apparels to fit their figure and at the same time feel comfortable.

Image by Teodor Kuduschiev


She also grasp on to the concept that with the excitement that summer brings to today's people, Many of us are planning our vacation to have fun in the sun by spending leisure time on the beach, by the poolside in hotels, visiting the waterfalls or spas etc, hence Tennille Collection will make it possible to have astonishing merchandise for you.

Tennille has evolved by using Facebook and Instagram as a platform to connect and relate to people. Therefore, the business was created to make it easier for customers to choose from a variety of products online instead of spending hours trying to choose products in a store. She will definitely make it a duty to have you in the business comfort zone in order to have the Glam and beauty look.

“Ever since I started working for different companies, It has always been a dream to establish my own business and to be a boss, but here I am today, ready and willing to take on a challenging role to be engaged in with supporters and customers to eliminate their doubts” CEO  expressed.



To provide exceptional customer service while offering a diverse selection of high-quality merchandise that are affordable and will be able to stand out in public as our customers will be looking elated and feeling comfortable.


We believe our primary responsibility is to deliver newness and exclusive merchandise as we are staying committed to our customers desires by maintaining their satisfaction. We are not only providing a service but establishing a family-friendly flexible environment so customers can feel extraordinary and take pride in their appearance.


We rate our business by our customers' feedback. We have implemented core values as we believe that the business values together with positivity will be the true definition for our business excellence for success and they will be proven to be true, once there is an active influence with the ability to live by it everyday. 

●    Confidence
We have gained confidence whereby we focus on our future-oriented goals. We are ready and capable for everyday challenges and competitions during our service.

●    Honesty and Integrity
We promote strong moral principles and maintain truthfulness at all times. 
We consider listening and co-operating with our customers in a polite manner so we can have a good communication.

●    Respect
Mutual respect encourages us to improve communication between our colleagues and customers, so we believe that in order to earn respect, we must first have it and give it.

All customers are treated equally in fairness.

●    Consistency        
This is the difference between failure and success in our business. We have no shortcut to master our habits, it is dedicated to hard work and discipline that we develop into a routine to increase our level of productivity.
Our Goal is to stay focused and stick to the plan on what is best for our business and our customers for our business growth.

    Professionalism and Commitment 
We establish superior conduct and attitude as we expect from authority figures, customers, and colleagues. We demonstrate the commitment to effective performance in our business environment so that anyone/anything representing us should always have a professional appearance in order for us to gain a positive reputation.