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Tennille Collection operates the website that is hosted by WIX as they provide us with the e-commerce platform that allows us to sell our products and services to you. Our website is structured for you to utilize and enjoy what is being shared on it.
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Our products are available exclusively online through our website.
We guarantee that the quality of our products will meet your expectations. Therefore, we have tried our very best to display as perfect as possible the images and colors of our products that appear to be online. We cannot guarantee that your mobile or computer screen displays the colors accurately as is.
We advise customers that any merchandise sold on our website is intended for personal use ONLY, and NOT for resale.
We reserved the rights to;

  • Cancel any orders that appear to be for resale purposes.

  • Update and make changes to any part of our Terms of Service by updating our website.

  • Discontinue and/or refuse service to anyone without any notice at any time.

  • Limit our sales to any user.

  • Limit our quantities of products and services on our website. 

  • Modify/change products pricing and description.

In any event, we refuse an order, we may attempt to inform you via the medium used by you where the order was placed.

Any questions about our terms of service, feel free to visit our contact page and leave a message.


Unfortunately, at this time we do not take any pre-orders.

It is very important that we maintain a healthy image for our business, therefore, users failing to adhere to our policy will result in being blocked from any of our social media platforms.


Cancellation requests are contemplated on but may not be guaranteed. Due to our efforts to ensure that you receive your order as quickly and accurately as possible, Items shall be prepared for dispatch after receiving confirmation of your order as we start processing your order. 

Any order that is schedule for pick up and is still at the service location for more than 2 business days, customer service shall contact you, and if customer refuse to collect order upon 5 business days of purchase , your order will be CLOSED and you will have a credit of  50% from the cost of the item you purchased due to processing, service and time used and will be credited to customer's account for next purchase which should be used within 10 business days.

for example, if an item cost $100.00 and customer refused order, $50.00 will be credited to customer's account.

Unfortunately we DO NOT offer Refunds.

We advise customers to make sure that the debit/ credit card you want to be charged at checking out is the correct one. We also advised customers to make sure you have the correct banking account information when signing up in the billing payment section. Please note that any payments that were withdrawn from a wrong bank card , we have no rights or obligations to process any cancellations or refunds.


All our merchandise are brand new, therefore, all sales are final.

Due to hygienic and packaging reasons, we do not accept exchanges.

We advise you to make use of our size chart before making a payment.
There should not be any defective or damaged items on arrival as all items are quality checked before being dispatched.

Please feel free to visit our contact page and fill out our form with the subject 'EXCHANGE' so we can be informed of anything of that sort so we can assist you further.


Customers are entitled to make a payment ONLINE or OFFLINE 

When choosing Online payment, Customer would be able to secure any item(s) on our website after entering all information that is required. Customer can select online payment then proceed to check out with their credit/debit card or PayPal account.

 When choosing Offline payment, Customer would be able to secure any item(s) on our website after entering all information that is required. Customer can select offline payment then proceed to check out to make a bank deposit. After checking out, customer would receive confirmation details with banking information to make bank deposit.

We advise all users and customers, that if they are indecisive of making an online payment, feel free to make an offline payment whereby payment should be made via a bank deposit.

Due to the fact that Tennille Collection is a people business, we try our very best to make everyone feel at home with us.


We have implemented  a great way for people who prefer making cash payment in person.  This is possible ONLY if requested and approved by us. This will be through same offline payment. After checking out, customer would have to let us know that they want to make direct payment offline.

Please remember to use the converter on our homepage in order to get the correct conversion.

When making a direct offline payment in XCD, Cents should be rounded off to its nearest ones (dollar).

For eg;

1. An item is priced $50 USD. When you are paying in XCD the approximate amount due is $135.12 XCD

Therefore, the amount that should be paid is $135.00

2. An item is priced $54 USD. When you are paying in XCD the approximate amount due is $145.93 XCD.

Therefore, the amount that should be paid $146.00 XCD

TYPES OF CUSTOMER SERVICE   (NO DELIVERY)                              

  1. Free shipping

  2. Express service

  3. Postal service 

  4.  International Shipping


●  Takes 1-2 business days

●   Available, ONLY in St. George’s
●   Service days: Monday to Friday 
●   Service hours: 8:00a.m. to 4:00p.m.
●    No service charge fee

●   Service location: Bruce Street mall, St. George's


●   Overnight shipping

●   Order should be placed before 8:00p.m.

●    Available, ONLY in St. George’s

●    Service days: Monday to Friday
●    Service hours: 8:00a.m. to 4:00p.m.
●    Service charge fee of $5.00 USD

●    Service location: Bruce Street mall, St. George's


●    Takes 2 -4 business days
●    Available island-wide in ALL district main post offices
●    Service days: Monday, Wednesday, Friday
●    Shipping days: Flexible (Subject to change)
●    Service hours: 8:00a.m. to 4:00p.m.
●    Service charge fee of $5.00 USD

●    Postal service locations; 

  1. St George’s main office (Burns Point): 440-2523/ 440-6728/ 437-7678

  2. St. David’s main office: 443-1009

  3. St. Andrew main office (Grenville) : 442-4843

  4. St. Mark main office (Victoria) : 444-9436

  5. St. John main office (Gouyave) : 444-8592

  6. St. Patrick main office (Sauteurs) : 442-2994

  7. Carriacou main office: 443-6014

  8. Petite Martinique main office: 443-9056

 Due to COVID-19, The Grenada Postal Corporation pushed back their operation days to three days a week instead of five days. We do apologize for any inconvenience caused as we will try our utmost best to have your order get to you securely and quickly as possible.
Please be guided accordingly.

Any orders placed with our postal service are shipped out ONLY on business days. Any orders placed on:
●    Monday is expected to be available in post office the following Wednesday
●    Tuesday is expected to be available in post office the following Wednesday or Friday
●    Wednesday is expected to be available in post office the following Friday
●    Thursday is expected to be available in post office the following Friday or Monday
●    Friday is expected to be available in post office the following Monday or Wednesday
●    Saturday and/or Sunday is expected to be available in post office the following Wednesday


●    Takes within 10 - 21 business days

●    Available only for the US and UK until further notice

●    Service days: Monday to Friday
●    Service hours: 8:00a.m. to 4:00p.m.
●    Service charge fee: May vary due to the laws and currency rates for different countries.

●    Carrier used for service: Grenada Postal Corporation and/or FedEx

If you are outside of Grenada, USA and UK and wish to place an order, feel free to contact us as we may have to send package through FedEx and due to the laws and currency rates in different countries, you may be subject to custom fees, taxes and/or service charges which are not included in the total cost of your order.

If you did not receive your package on the date expected, please inform us so we can assist you further.